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The SEVEN Aluminium Composite Panel and Solid Aluminium Panel the warranty is for fifteen (15) years. SEVEN warrants panels to be free from defects in manufacturing and workmanship during this period.

The warranty for SEVEN’s Aluminium Perforated Panel is eight (8) years.

The stove-lacquered surface coating will not peel, flake, blister, or crack when exposed to weather, except for slight cracking or crazing, which may occur during forming and fabrication process of panels.

The lamination layers between two aluminium tinsels of FR or PE core will not delaminate, separate or lose adhesion on either side.


If panels have been damaged through mechanical means or exposed to toxic emission which differ from those evidenced during time of shipment and which may be deemed harmful to commercial grades of stove-lacquered coatings.

The SEVEN composite panels which had been or are exposed to smoke, fire, tornado, volcanic lava, seismic destruction, or other acts of God.


Upon receipt of an order, the customer must inspect the SEVEN panels supplied by Aluco SEVEN and report any defects if any prior to fabrication.

For the sake of service quality satisfaction, and act in accordance with SEVEN’s specified standard; SEVEN will refund customer with the original purchase price if SEVEN is unable to ameliorate such non-conformity by repairing or replacing of the defected SEVEN panels so claimed by the customer.

In case where the defected panels need to be removed and /or replaced, SEVEN will reimburse the labour costs incurred upon receipt of expenses incurred.

The full Product Warranty of SEVEN is available on request.